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Services: Design | XHTML | CSS | PHP | MySQL

Description: Schedule Bucket is my newest project; in fact, it is currently in the early stages of interface development.

Today, speed and simplicity are everything. Whether you're coordinating a startup opportunity or planning a wedding, you need a tool to manage and communicate your schedule instantly without slowing you down with complexities such as gantt charts and slack paths.

Schedule Bucket is all about speed and simplicity. Throw your tasks into Schedule Bucket and we'll do the rest!

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Services: Design | XHTML | CSS | PHP | MySQL

Description: OMEGA Chapter is a project I've been working on for over a year now. It offers sororities, fraternities, and groups a way of managing their organization's communications and finances, as well as give the chapter a website for potential members, parents, alumnae, and the community to get to know them.

The project is continually evolving - always offering new features and enhancing the usability and security of the application. Currently it offers a featureful interactive calendar, messaging, forums, member profiles, account balancing, document sharing, and a powerful set of administrative functions.

About Me

Hi, I'm Stephen Parker, and I am a web developer and application programmer in Jacksonville, Florida.

If you'd like to discuss your project or get a quote, contact me.

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