OCv2 Released

It's official. The OMEGA Chapter system, version 2 is now complete; new organizations will be setup with v2 and current users will be upgraded when convenient for your organization. The only effort required on the part of site administrators is to let me know what you would like for your brand new, complimentary chapter website! Consider it just a little token of appreciation.

Website Designs

There are currently a couple of site templates to choose from and many more are on their way. You may either choose a template to customize to your chapter or have a professional, custom design created just for your chapter at a huge discount from Aculade's regular prices.


A number of improvements and new features have been implemented for v2. Among these are the addition of the points tracking module, improvements to the accounting features, new and customizable site designs, a complete revamping of the member profile features (now with unlimited member photos and greatly improved member-to-member messages and in-profile notes), enhanced forum (now focused on making it easy to see what's new--threads posted since your last login are labeled as new, the number of posts in the thread are shown, and the time of the last post in each thread is shown), and the overall usability of the site has been improved greatly. Each members balance, positive points, unread messages, and upcoming events are shown on every page.


In order to celebrate the release of the new version and the start of the spring semester, chapters will get a 10 % credit for organizations they refer that signup for a yearly account.

All they have to do is say that your chapter referred them and successfully signup for a yearly account. As soon as they do, you will be given a credit equal to 10 % of your current license fee towards your chapter's account which will automatically be used against future charges. There's no limit to how many referrals your chapter can get...hey, why not earn a totally free chapter management website? Offer may change or expire on or after March 1, 2009.

The Future

A complete online tutorial is in the works and a number of new designs will be released soon.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to send an email anytime.

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