Updates to OC Version 1

Today, a number of really big improvements were made to the version 1 OMEGA Chapter system.

New Additions

All sites now have an Important Chapter Documents area, where exec members and the site's administrators can upload chapter documents like bylaws, contracts, schedules, spreadsheets, etc. and all members can view them. Previously, members would have had to upload the documents to the test file where they could get lost among tons of test files. This also made it impossible to simply edit a file and the changes show up on the website. Now, exec and admin members can upload documents and, should the need arise, edit them and update the website.

Now, upon logging in, members are greeted with a custom message and important announcements. The site administrators can update these announcements at anytime using the built in Webpage Editor. Instead of just greeting users with "Welcome, Your Name" and a blank screen, a list of upcoming events with pictures and links to other sites or important documents shows up.

Admins can now view user statistics for the site including logins, file uploads, professor reviews, points, etc. It offers a great way to see how the site is being used and whether members are checking in or not.

Additionally, admins can view their website's technical statistics including popular search engine terms, where their visitors are from, most popular pages, and bandwidth usage. This data will allow more technically oriented users to tweak their site to improve search engine rankings and the reach of their site.

The Future

OCV2 is on the way and promises even more stylish site designs, an improved finance tracking toolset, and hopefully a few extras I've been dreaming up. Prepare to be amazed!

As always, if you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to send me an email anytime. Hope everyone's enjoying their OMEGA Chapter chapter management website.

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