OMEGA Chapter V2

It's only been a few weeks, and already there are plans for a major update. I want OMEGA Chapter users to know that they can always expect their voices to be heard. Thanks to those of you who have offered your opinions for improvements to the system; they won't go unnoticed!

The Unveiling

It seems that the most wanted feature is to be able to have each organization's site customized not only in colors, content, pictures, and header but also in layout and design overall. Accordingly, in the next few weeks, I will be releasing v2 of OCS, which will feature a few minor code improvements that will improve performance and security but most of all, each chapter will be able to have a completely customized website. You will get to experience our full web design process, and may expect your custom website in about a month.

This was something I considered when designing the app but assumed users would prefer getting their site up quicker with less effort on their part. But for those chapters that take great pride in the message they portray to their school and community, a custom website that reflects their personality is a must.

What if You Need a Website Now?

No problem! We will of course still offer our default theme and will be developing additional templated themes which you can select from to get up and running in 2-3 days. And we'll still customize the site specifically to your chapter.

What's the Catch?

TNSTAAFL, right? Not so much. I really want this program to grow into the best chapter management utility, hands-down. This feature will really differentiate OCS from its competitors. We will offer a completely custom design for only $500. But keep on the lookout for promotions on the blog; I plan to offer regular deals for huge discounts to groups that take advantage of the new version.

About Me

Hi, I'm Stephen Parker, and I am a web developer and application programmer in Jacksonville, Florida.

If you'd like to discuss your project or get a quote, contact me.

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